Catch the Fire!

Greek Fire
A Strategic Leadership Plan
For the Order of AHEPA
Dr. James F. Dimitriou
Past Supreme President

"Greek Fire" is the legendary substance developed by the Greeks of Byzantium to protect the Empire. Greek Fire would be shot from the towers of Constantinople by a flame-thrower device on enemy ships on the sea below. This secret weapon helped protect Byzantium for over 1000 years. The mystery of the Greek Fire was its amazing ability to stay alight even when submerged underwater.

The Order of AHEPA is Hellenism in America's version of Greek Fire. This modern Greek Fire has the spirit, strength, and tenacity that has endured through eight decades. Like the legendary substance, today's Greek Fire, has the additional latent quality to stay alight when submerged and burst onto the scene when it is most needed. The AHEPA has been the premier leader among all Greek American organizations. But past success should not be taken for granted. New ways must be developed to promote new achievements, expand membership, improve communication and provide a vision of the future so that AHEPA is not the "best kept secret of Hellenism," but should become "Hellenismís Last Best Hope!"

"Greek Fire" is a newly revised leadership plan for the Supreme Lodge to develop a strategy to redefine the role, programs and vision for the AHEPA as a beacon of Hellenism in the 21st Century.

As the largest and the most proven Hellenic American organization, AHEPA is being called upon again to heed the words of Pericles and to prove worthy of our heritage and of our ancestors.

The topics that follow are presented in order for the new Supreme Lodge to accept the charge & begin the difficult task ahead. In the past, Supreme Lodge members were asked to perform a liaison, ceremonial and public relations role for the Order of AHEPA. Greek Fire proposes an additional, more active leadership role for the Lodge. It requires a Lodge that is both committed to correct past problems and to work for future goals to expand membership, improve communication and provide a vision of leadership.

This is the third in a series of "Greek Fire" White Papers written by Dr. James F. Dimitriou over the last 10 years and reflecting over 30 years of dedicated service to the Order.

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